For a vehicle that gives its all, the Toyota HILUX/VIGO is the choice for great versatility, excellent off-road capability, and discreet appearance. It is ideally suited for standard as well as off-road conditions where tactical driving is required. The HILUX/VIGO blends in wherever it goes around the globe due to its popular commercial use. In addition, Toyota parts and service are universally available wherever the vehicle is, so you never have to worry about the reliability or dependability of your HILUX/VIGO. We armour the HILUX/VIGO on a variety of platforms–gasoline or diesel power trains, automatic or manual transmission, right hand drive or left hand drive. The Toyota HILUX/VIGO is a vehicle designed to fit into any environment. Additionally, we offer many other optional features to make the HILUX/VIGO suit your specific needs, including bed armour, spray-in bed liner, communications equipment, spare parts package, and much more.