WARM LINK is proud to be recognized as a leading manufacturer of high quality body armor for law enforcement, military and civilians worldwide.
Manufactured with high quality materials, including woven aramide, unidirectional high performance polyethylene and hybrids, bullet proof vests WARM LINK obtain minimum weight at high protection and can be worn comfortably under a shirt or jacket or overtly over clothing.
Our bullet-resistance and stab protective vests defeat all threat levels meeting the latest US, German and British body armor standards and are regularly tested in accredited international ballistic laboratories.

WARM LINK offers a wide variety of personal protective items including:

  • Development of specific and untraditional ballistic systems
  • Production of full range configuration of ballistic vests including covert, overt, lady’s, VIP, floatation, tactical, military and special models
  • Light demining suit
  • Bullet proof inserts, ballistic shields, HAP and SAP

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Bomb approaching and intervention shield is a ballistic equipment that Explosive Ordnance Expert uses while approaching to place ballistic fuses such as detonator to suspicious package, x-ray and AKER. Wheels that are under shield and provide moving on ground are triangular and have also T6651 model that is designed to ensure getting on of Explosive Expert. This Explosive Expert provides going back with shield with pressure coming to shield during any explosion.

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Armoured mobile security cabinet is project of our company and first manufacturer in Pakistan. It consists of four different triangular visors. That is to say 4 personnel can stand sentry in different points and protect themselves. This multi-purpose mobile cabinet can be moved easily thanks to its wheels. Also it can be 150 X 200 cm closed armoured waiting cabinet by combining these four visors if necessary. It has fire ports in each direction. It is possible to manufacture these in all ballistic levels that are required.

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Armoured visor equipment consists of 3 different visor parts. It can also be used as one part if demanded by combining these parts. It can be triangular and flat thanks to pins inside. Each part of it can be taken out easily. It is possible to move and use anywhere. Armour reinforce is carried out in connection and bending parts and 100% resistance to provided. Shelters can be mounted on upper side of armoured visor so that the personnel in it does not effected by weather conditions. Armoured balcony type visor is a useful manufacture for sharpshooters. When purchased with armoured visor set, ballistic glass part and fire ports can be taken out and hence mounted on armoured balcony type. All parts of armoured visor are in B-7 level and also resistant to bullets of each kind of gun, armour piercing bullets of long barreled weapons such as AK-47, M16 and G3 service rifle and special gun Kanas. Also resistant to explosive (pipe type explosives, MKE type hand grenades, DM 51 type hand grenades and plastic explosives in specific amount). It is possible to manufacture these in all ballistic level upon request.

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