The armor protection level is B-6 that provides protection against 7.62 × 51 NATO BALL STANDARD from all sides.
The room is provided lockable FIRING PORTS in all sides.
Armor glass above each firing ports with the same level of protection, it also enable clear vision.
In the top of the room, a mount has been installed for some weapons, fixed on mount ring which circle 360, with top door, in addition to the shooter protection.

LENGTH:                                                        2325mm

WIDTH:                                                           2225mm

HEIGHT (without mount)                                2400mm

HEIGHT (with mount)                                     2950mm

TOTAL WEIGHT:                                           2000 ~ 3000 KG

INNER SIZE:                                                   6 ~ 10 M

POWER:                                                          110/220 V              

LIGHT:                                                            Internal / External